Friday, July 15, 2005

Monster Garage

bunch of people I dont really know except asel, #3


This is a picture of Asel, she is so cool!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mrs. Roxbury is a outreach specialist and friend to most of the Sudanese community, apparently Manute Bol even calls her "mom".

BEFORE ... (note devilish look on young demolition-man's face)

My sister and my cousin's kid who likes to knock things over and amuse us.. this is the AFTER shot

this is the operation where the ore (after physical separation by grinding and floating in water) it is heated and further refined before the electrochemical separation, its a neat process, they spent 2 billion dollars cleaning their plant up and now emissions from that smoke stack are minimal, years ago it would push out clouds of smoke.

this is what the salt lake looks like when obstructed by a guy in green fleece.

Thank you Liberia!! This is a wheel from an ore-hauling truck at the coppermine near salt lake

I am pretty sure this is a good example of misleading advertising.

this was the second game later in the day for a local legue game, the guys have their own team..

june 25th there were some soccer games with the "lost boys" in atlanta.. one was at an event called "soccer for peace"at emory.. I think thats the site.

some sort of mystery lizard I caught tonight outside the house, seems to be a "brown anole" but their range is just in south florida... he was so well behaved for a lizard

Me at the salt lake with my aunt Rhoda (she is a dangerously good cook) my father, and my uncle bud (he is quite a character)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

gallah girl!! bead art.. gallah is a type of cockatoo.

it might look small but its 3/4 mile deep!

the SLC public library, its amazing!

standing next to a gate to the largest man made hole on earth, a copper mine in Utah

interesting bead art at the museum in the library

sibling dynamics as expressed by my sister and I in a group photo

Idi Amin as a silly ape, shouting at big white guys,, so funny, abstract art I saw in SLC

Salt Lake City 05 (like a rock group photo, but its just a group on a rock)

Ukraine ready to pass stored gas to Russia

ITAR-TASS: "passed in an absolutely friendly atmosphere"

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Oil and Gas Reserves of Central Asia

GA hike small

NZ Fijord

SLC hike

GA hike